Compatibility V/s Matching Stars Which IS More Important For A Happy Married Life

Fields like astrology and kundli are gaining a lot of importance these days. Scientists have proved that the motions taken by a planet affects the life of human beings in a certain way. In today’s era, marriages more likely depend upon kundali match than compatibility between two people. When it comes to marriage, people not believing in kundali Milan and astrologers change their beliefs for some time. Astrology is the study of stars and nakshatra that gives an insight about the future depicting the problems that can arouse in near future.

Some astrologers also suggest solution to nakshatra problems like some puja or anything. There is no difference in love or arrange marriages when it comes to matching kundalis. People of different religions look forward to matching kundali of the respective boy and girl. When life gets stressed or things do not come out right, kundali can give you the solution to many problems. The main thing considered under a kundali is date of birth, time, gender and family background. Every astrologer has a unique way to study the kundali by studying the positions of the planets and the stars.

Kundali over compatibility

If we talk about our grandparents, they are stubborn when it comes to following the old traditions, for them the customs are their life. Our ancestors treasured the traditions like any other treasure and passed them on to their family. But, things and beliefs are changing these days. People are considering the personality of a person rather than kundali Milan. There are so many things to be judged in a person when it comes to marriage. Whether it is a boy or a girl, families must look forward talking to the person, know about their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and interests.

Kundali- a formality

Kundali matching is just a formality to be done for fixing the date of wedding. Astrologers believe that kundali can tell our future but, we all know that future is always uncertain and no one can predict it. We are humans, not God. Every person is affected by situations and circumstances and predictions of a kundali cannot change it. Some people fear that avoiding the predictions of kundali will do bad to them and they can experience bad times but, there are cases, where kundali had no significance on the lives of people.

It is always difficult to bend rules that are been followed from a long time. Similarly, kundali matching is a process been followed from ancient times. Things may change with our changing way to think and believing on logics than on predictions. One should refer to present events and live examples and not on documentary predictions given by astrologers.

Another very important reason why people should avoid kundali matching is that even if the boy and girl are compatible for each other, their morale go down when they are rejected. So, people should take their decisions based on logics.

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