Hairstyle Ideas For A Bride With Long Hair

What are the most prominent hairstyles for a  bride with long hair? There are different types of attractive wedding hairstyles and you have to choose the most suitable one that enhances your overall appearance in the best possible manner. Here are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles available for a bride with long hair:

Puffed braid

This unique style follows a moderate extravagance but it is s simply styled braid hair. The hair from the top must be sectioned and it needs to be re-sectioned into two parts. When you have made sections for the top part of the hair, a bouffant must be used for bumping up the hair. The other section has to be draped across the puff and you can continue with a long braid. It is always advisable to accessorize in a heavy manner.

Front puff

It is another popular wedding hairstyle that many women follow. This is known as a classic hairstyle and you can pair it a braid and bun as well. The technique employed is to back brush your hair’s front section and then, use lift the front of the hair before gently comb the hair into separate strands using a hair brush. A garland made using flowers can be utilized at the end of the raised hair.

Pinned up bun

If you want to use this wedding hairstyle, hair must be combed thoroughly and it should also be back brushed. It is being done to make the hair smooth and once it is done, you have to focus on segmenting the hair into different strands. The next step is to take the front part of your hair and it must be rolled into a tight bun. It needs to be secured with the help of a tie. You can proceed with the strands underneath and they have to be rolled individually before pinning above the bun to increase volume.

Side bun

If you want to achieve a classy hairstyle, the side bun is an ideal option. The guests are always going to stare at your hairstyle with a lot of awe and many hairstylists recommend side bun for their clients. First of all, you need to tease the front part of the hair and once it is done, it should be pinned. The remaining has to be pulled to your side and it should be rolled into a bun. It is always advisable to accessorize using a flower.

Other popular wedding hair styles include the high bun, Matha Patti and flowers, and tail rounded with flowers and, you can find much more innovative hairstyles. The modern day Kerala bride always looks for trendy and innovative hairstyle and they are keen on finding a style that enhances their bridal looks. All these styles are simple but they offer a cute, stunning and contemporary look and you have to choose the most suitable one that helps you become the center of attraction.

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