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Things to Think About When Selecting a Flat Iron

Looking good is not effortless, thus it requires diverse tasks to keep us stylish. Hair is critical to a person’s outlook and it can be styled in a bunch of ways to enhance a person’s appearance. A good way to style it is using a flat iron to straighten or curl it. It is a great style that is favored by many people nowadays and flat irons do us a lot of good.

Conversely, not all flat irons are compatible with your hair type. An ideal thing to do before choosing a flat iron is consulting a bunch of people for recommendations. Enquire from them the kind of flat iron they use and its features. Alternatively, you can consult hair specialists for advice or try a number of flat irons from different hair parlors to see which one works best for you. Ensure you critically look into the following features:

Temperature settings
Flat irons are usually available with two types of temperature control mechanisms; fixed and variable. The ability to adjust temperatures of your flat iron is important because it ensures that you use the right amount of heat on your hair. People with thin hair should stay away from fixed temperature flat irons because they usually have more heat than is adequate for their hair. Those with hard hair might find the fixed temperature flat iron helpful. Those individuals whose hair texture is moderately light can use either, but should incline towards temperature control more.

Its material
Older flat irons were made of aluminum, but today, most of the flat irons are ceramic and ionic to improve the functions of a flat iron. They also infuse other materials, e.g. nano-titanium, nano-silver, nano-tourmaline to meet specific needs. The type of material used to make a flat iron will give you a different grade in results.

The use of ceramics in a flat iron allows it to make hair silky and straight. Nano-titanium conducts heat very well and straightens hair faster. The nano-silver element in a flat iron makes it eliminate bacteria on the appliance, making it germ-free. Nano-tourmaline makes hair very smooth. Hence, the kind of flat iron ideal for your hair is dependent on your hair’s texture and your styling requirements.

How wide is the plate?
Ensure that you select a flat iron whose plate width is convenient for your hair length to enhance your experience. Not all flat irons are availed in different plate sizes.

Can you curl your hair with it?
Nowadays, many flat irons can allow you to make curls. Conversely, it is important to that the quality of curls produced by a flat iron is dependent on a user, not the appliance, hence you should polish your curling skills.

This is critical to making sure that you get value from your flat iron. Buy a flat iron whose warranty exceeds one year, particularly if you will be using it a lot.

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