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Benefits of Using Whizzinator

Whizzinator Touch is a wish-granting device, that parallels a urine kit in both optics and functionality.It has the most real, fake private part,-yes ,the organ- in the market.Managing human crisis’s and, judged festivities ranging from sexual fetishes and- here it comes-synthetic Urine. The cloning of maybe not the first, but perhaps perversely important private part was made complete when the Whizzinator hit the market.

What makes it come close to the real thing is the heater packs that keep the fake piss uniform with the body temperature.Part of its features include a complementary syringe that you use to get the synthetic piss in the attached pouch, for release ,when deemed necessary.

The first model of the Whizzinator was made, going on and off, at the flicker of a switch.Now comes the part, we have all been dying to hear, how it works. The distinguishing difference between the whizzinator Touch and its more basic model is that the more recent form, requires physical stimulation by touch.

Squeeze the head, and the urine flow is released .Squeeze brings release. The Whizzinator Touch comes in a large variety of colors, making it the dealer’s choice ,right to choose.White, Tan, Black, Latino, Brown are in no particular order, the colors presented in by the Whizzinator Touch. The beauty of every twenty first century invention is a well-written, translated to all languages , easy to read, manual.

The Whizzinator Touch has long been tested, in real life and deemed dependable seeing as how it is a medically graded urine kit. While The whizzinator is a great experience, it should not be used for illegal purpose , but rectum a for good in adult novelty. To discourage the misuse of this kit in passing drug tests, – supervised or not- , this has advice has been constantly repeated to the public.

As with all good, and close to perfect things, the whizzinator Touch has hit the markets with a female version.The more versed audience of this machine, draw it as a hose, with an easy switch to make it look like the ladies are peeing naturally. Male and female whizzinators use to on your way through a drug test is outlawed and has resulted to sentencing. Part of what makes the whizzinator easy to use is the fact that it comes as a complete package in syringe, and a vile of synthetic urine , so no need to go shopping for parts.

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