5 Uses For Dogs

How Your Dog Affects your Health

Dogs have become more than just pets – they are practically family. Dogs are the most friendly and accommodative pets around. Dogs are now being used by their owners in keeping them healthy and fit. Those new to the experience of owning a dog for a pet will find these ways in which they can stay in shape very informative and interesting.

Those who own dogs stand a greater chance of getting out of their houses to walk them, as compared to those who do not. The breed of dog does not matter. They present a chance always to go out and exercise. Dog owners walk for two more times per week than those who do not own dogs. The actual walking can be in any fashion. Even gentle walking has been seen to produce favorable results. The walks can be either once or twice a day.

Dogs have been known to elevate the moods of their owners. You cannot play with a puppy and still feel depressed . The period spent in play with a puppy causes your body to release nice feeling hormones such a serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin.

Those who have owned these puppies and kept them until old age have grown to be close friends, which aids in elevating their moods further, and eliminating the effects of stress. When you care for something other than yourself, you feel empowered by the responsibility. This can be seen when they feed them, wash them, give them treats from manufacturers such as Betsy Farms, and such.

Keeping the company of a pet has been known to lower blood pressure. This phenomenon is seen when you stroke and feel the touch of your dog. The constant companionship of the dog will ensure the effect remains stable and prolonged.

There was a study that was done which had a group of children in it. What they researchers were looking for was how dogs affect the immune systems of human beings. Those that spent the most time around dogs were less prone to diseases as compared to those that didn’t. Dogs attract bacteria on their fur, which spreads when the house is vacuumed. The presence of many bacteria in the house made the children’s immune system work more, which in turn made them more prepared to combat any disease that came along. While this was unconventional, it proved to be effective.

Dogs have more ways in which they can influence our lives. Dogs can detect human bodily changes. they have the ability to tell when your blood sugar is getting low. This can greatly aid those with diabetes. Dogs can no longer be viewed as mere pets. Dogs are now becoming our special family members.

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