10 Details Not to Forget When Deciding Your Wedding Budget

No matter how much money one may have available for the big day, just about everyone sits down to figure out a proper budget for their wedding. Perhaps you’re paying for everything yourself, and you have other plans for your savings account. Or maybe your parents are paying, but you want to be respectful by staying within the generous spending limit they offered.

Once you know the total dollar amount that is available to you, it’s generally advised to determine what percentage will go to each part of the celebration. Sure, there are the obvious areas like your venue, photographer, florist, and caterer, but there are often hidden costs you may not have initially expected. Some may balk at the idea of fully itemizing for every penny, which is perfectly understandable! However, it’s important to account for even the smallest details because they can often add up – and then suddenly you find yourself at risk of going over budget.

Here are the items that can fall through the cracks, sneaking up on you after you’ve already carefully allocated your money:

– Meals for your vendors, such as the photographer and videographer, band, or DJ.
– Postage for your save the dates, invitations, and return envelopes for RSVP cards.
– Cake cutting and corkage fees.
– Setup, takedown, and delivery of rentals.
– Delivery of welcome bags to the hotel rooms of your guests.
– Bridal gown alterations should be included in your dress budget.
– Taxes and gratuities. Even if you know there will be tax, it’s easy to forget when adding up prices.
– Hotel suites used for getting ready need to be reserved for the night before and the day of the wedding, even if you don’t plan to sleep there, as check-in usually occurs later in the afternoon.
– Breakfast and lunch for the bridal party during hair and makeup.
– Special shapewear or other undergarments that work with your gown.

The Best Places For Destination Weddings

Wedding bells are ringing everywhere! If you’re someone who is planning to get married on the coming year then you need to read what we have to say before you make any further wedding plans. For all us, the day we get married is probably the most important day of our lives and we want to make sure it is arranged that way as well. To do that, you don’t necessarily have to throw a grand wedding at the most expensive place around. A simple and much cheaper alternative is to get married at one of the following locations which are known for their exotic beauty and their services all of which are at your beck and call for very economical prices. And before you move on, here’s a tip – if you’re planning a destination wedding make sure you book flight tickets well in advance!

1. Belize:
This place is on top of our list of wedding destinations and the reason for that is because it offers so much for so little. The place has some extremely beautiful destinations and rainforests as well as old Mayan ruins. Oh and let’s not forget that this place is also home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. The best thing about this place is that instead of being filled with expensive resorts like most of the other exotic travel locations, it has a lot of economical lodges and the sea food here is divine yet cheap too. So you can even host a wedding feast filled with exotic sea food but still save a lot in your pocket.

2. Jamaica:
The best thing about Jamaica is that it provides you with a choice of two very different and equally beautiful locations. You can choose to get married on the white sandy beaches or near the Rocky Mountains depending on what you like. Or maybe you could get married on the beach and throw the dinner or reception in the mountains to get the best of both worlds. And on top of that, the arrangements here are really cheap as compared to other travel destinations.

3. Vermont:
This small collection of beautiful landscapes and homey villages is probably the best travel destination to get married in. The scenic beauty here gives you the perfect backdrop to take your wedding vows and have a fun pre or post wedding shoot too. There are a lot of cozy and warm bed and baths here as well as halls where you can hold your wedding party. And the best part of this is that you can get all of this at very very economical prices.

Now that you know the best places to get married in, we suggest that you start planning for your perfect destination wedding and make sure you book flight tickets well before time so as to avoid any unnecessary delays and problems in your plans! All the best! Cheers to new beginnings!

5 Things To Look For When You’re Shopping For Reception Venues

When you’re getting married, the sweet nothings are replaced a lot of stress. Not only are you trying to get the ceremony planned, you’re also sifting through a tremendous amount of reception venues so as to find the perfect one. More often than not, you will find the right place numerous times, making the process all the more difficult. It’s no small wonder that so many couples decide to elope rather than deal with so many issues.

All you want to do is get married and celebrate your special day with your friends and family. You may just find the perfect reception venue is out there, but you’ll have to buckle down and take the following tips:

1. Ask About Savings When You Combine Your Ceremony & Reception – Many couples find that perfection comes in two places on their big day. A certain church may be just right for saying, “I do,” but you really want to cut loose at this really swinging themed bar. Sure, it can be fun, but remember that you can often score major savings by having the ceremony and reception at the same venue. Plus, guests aren’t usually stoked about driving somewhere new for cake.

2. Investigate “Off-Peak” Availability – Wedding season can mean dropping serious money for a reception during busy times of the year (i.e., think June brides). By choosing to get married during an off-peak time of year, you’re actually saving quite a bit of money because not everyone is vying for the same dates.

3. See Beyond the Big City & Welcome Small-Town Calm – Sometimes, the allure of a big city wedding can be tempting, but it comes at a premium. Try venturing out to smaller towns nearby. Not only are you saving money, but your choice to venture out to a smaller town outside of a major metropolitan are contributes to the local economy.

4. Cash Rules – If you find a reception venue that is exactly what you’re looking for, ask if they offer any discounts for paying for the whole event upfront with cash as opposed to the usual deposit/payment plan process. Venues will often be more flexible with a full cash payment because it means they do not have to wait to be paid. This goes a very long way.

5. Go with a Non-Traditional Venue – Why not have a wedding/reception at a nice B&B or maybe a public park? You can even score a private event rental at an outdoor concert hall. Sometimes thinking outside the box may bring you both the biggest reward.

Reception venues shouldn’t be a stressful part of planning a wedding. The one thing to always keep in mind is that you focus on what’s important you and your special someone. After all, that is what it’s all about, right?

Garden Wedding Receptions

Every bride wants their day to be special and memorable so what better way to do that than having a garden wedding reception. This is a popular way to end your wedding, as it is open to the sky, allowing guest to enjoy natural beauty. You can also have your wedding in the garden. There are many reasons to hold both your wedding and reception in a garden, such as they can accommodate big gatherings, and are less expensive than indoor wedding venues for a reception.

When planning your garden wedding venue there is one thing that you need to take into consideration. You need to ensure there is enough space to accommodate a big group of people, that there is an area where people can dance, room for a band or DJ, room to set up tables if you are having a banquet, and more. Most brides who are planning a garden wedding and reception think that it is going to be a beautiful sunny day but no one can dictate the weather and make it be a sunny day. It could be a wet miserable do so you should rent a tent. Not only will it give you protection if the weather does not cooperate, it will give an ambiance to the wedding reception.

If you are using a tent, make sure that it is placed on even ground at a high level. If the water accumulates after a shower or the area is uneven install a subflooring of vinyl or plywood. Make sure that there are no overhead utility lines. The size tent that you will need depends on how many people will be there at the reception along with allowing space for dancing and seating if these are to be held under cover. You can choose from sturdy frame tents to the traditional pole tents.

Lighting is an important consideration, which adds to the romance of the wedding and reception. You should choose colors that create the mood you are trying to portray, which can include:

• Oranges and reds to energize your guests and create excitement
• Purples and blues will give your wedding reception a relaxing tranquil setting
• Golden and amber tones will give you beautiful pictures that make your guests and décor look beautiful
• Pinks will give your wedding reception comfort and warmth.

The décor for your garden wedding reception should be minimal because nature also adds to your decoration. To complement the natural settings a garden wedding reception provide choose floors. If the flowers are a table center, do not make them so big they take up most of the table. If you want to have big flower arrangements put then in English garden-type urns or on tall pedestals.

Add A European Touch To Your Theme Wedding Decorations

Wedding is a gala occasion and celebration in India. Yes, it is true in all senses! People here love to make the auspicious day glazing with pomp and posh for the to-be-wedded couple and make them feel extremely special. Similarly, wedding in Europe is equally hyped. They plan it for years and months to get the perfect wedding. How about if you get the chance to add the classy European touch to the Indian Theme Wedding Decorations?

Sounds interesting, right? It will also look interesting. Presently, there are professional wedding designers and planners who are trying to make a new statement in Indian weddings. There some really creative ideas with which you can sprinkle the aura of European wedding!

3 Things To Add European Style In Your Marriage Decoration

This does not mean you have to alter the ritual or change the vows; it is absolute regarding the decor and some party celebrations. So, here we go –

1. Venue:

You can choose a marriage hall or go for the outdoor wedding too. If you are willing to add the vintage style in your wedding theme, then indoor-like banquets and halls are the best option. But if you want to add modern touch then Garden Wedding Bangalore or a beach wedding is apt.

If you can decide on the venue properly, half the work will be done there!

2. Colour Scheme:

Try playing with pastel and gold. Yes, this is a combination made in heaven. You can try pink or lilac and gold, blue and gold (matte maybe), etc. these are some of the eccentric combinations that you can try. The reason for adding gold is to keep a regal and Indian look in the decor.

3. Floral decoration:

A good flower decoration is a must! But instead of going for the basic red roses and Rajanigandha; now try some other flowers – Tulips, water lilies, lotus, carnation, daisy, sweet pea, dahlia, gardenia, ranunculus, etc. All these are available in different colours and they look stunning with proper combination. One more this is to balance all these colours, add some green like ferns or other leaves.

Here are some combinations –

  • Pink, peach and mint colour
  • Lavender, light blue, golden sparkles and dark green
  • Burgundy, ochre yellow, burnt orange
  • Purple, pink and magenta
  • Gold, pearl and cream

You can use these floral combinations with drapes, hangings, silver or gold small bells, ribbons, fairy lights and linen drapes on the ceiling; it will be a truly stunning visual treat. These decor also looks great as wedding Cocktail Party Decorations.

In most of the wedding, there is a reception and after party; you have more access to plan and add a European touch to it.

Wedding Stage Decoration Bangalore

Here also you have ample chance to do something creative and out of the box. Instead of using red, yellow lights; go for spots and fairy lights. Use pearl drop hangings with mirrors and glass straws to dazzle up the decor.

Hairstyle Ideas For A Bride With Long Hair

What are the most prominent hairstyles for a  bride with long hair? There are different types of attractive wedding hairstyles and you have to choose the most suitable one that enhances your overall appearance in the best possible manner. Here are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles available for a bride with long hair:

Puffed braid

This unique style follows a moderate extravagance but it is s simply styled braid hair. The hair from the top must be sectioned and it needs to be re-sectioned into two parts. When you have made sections for the top part of the hair, a bouffant must be used for bumping up the hair. The other section has to be draped across the puff and you can continue with a long braid. It is always advisable to accessorize in a heavy manner.

Front puff

It is another popular wedding hairstyle that many women follow. This is known as a classic hairstyle and you can pair it a braid and bun as well. The technique employed is to back brush your hair’s front section and then, use lift the front of the hair before gently comb the hair into separate strands using a hair brush. A garland made using flowers can be utilized at the end of the raised hair.

Pinned up bun

If you want to use this wedding hairstyle, hair must be combed thoroughly and it should also be back brushed. It is being done to make the hair smooth and once it is done, you have to focus on segmenting the hair into different strands. The next step is to take the front part of your hair and it must be rolled into a tight bun. It needs to be secured with the help of a tie. You can proceed with the strands underneath and they have to be rolled individually before pinning above the bun to increase volume.

Side bun

If you want to achieve a classy hairstyle, the side bun is an ideal option. The guests are always going to stare at your hairstyle with a lot of awe and many hairstylists recommend side bun for their clients. First of all, you need to tease the front part of the hair and once it is done, it should be pinned. The remaining has to be pulled to your side and it should be rolled into a bun. It is always advisable to accessorize using a flower.

Other popular wedding hair styles include the high bun, Matha Patti and flowers, and tail rounded with flowers and, you can find much more innovative hairstyles. The modern day Kerala bride always looks for trendy and innovative hairstyle and they are keen on finding a style that enhances their bridal looks. All these styles are simple but they offer a cute, stunning and contemporary look and you have to choose the most suitable one that helps you become the center of attraction.

How To Create A Beautiful Wedding Invitation Video?

No matter in which country you are, wedding happens to be the most important event for every person on earth. Well, celebrating love and accepting each other is a beautiful event, and so couples invite near and dear ones to witness a wonderful occasion of wedding. The traditional way of inviting guests to be a part of wedding is of course through paper wedding invitation. However, the modern way has transformed drastically. Now people are making use of wedding video messages to announce the new beginning among the relatives.

People nowadays create a beautiful and memorable wedding invitation video and then mail them to all their relatives and friends. In addition to the email, they share it on several social platforms so that the message reaches everyone. It is a time saving and impactful method of announcing the wedding among the loved ones. This form of marriage cards can be created by own or one can take help from the experts who can create and edit to make the best video ever.

Features to be included in wedding invitation video

If you have made up your mind to create and share a wedding video message, then you need to remember the following points. Have a look.

1. Short and crisp: Well, as it is a video, you need not make it a short film. That can bore the guests. A wedding message video should be only of one or two minutes, it should be simple, short and crisp so that it directly touches the heart of the person looking at it.

2. Clear message: The message of video, that includes names of bride and groom, family name, venue of marriage, date and time of the ceremony and other important elements need to be mentioned clearly in right format so that it is visible.

3. Add ons: You can add the pictures of the couple, a background song, and some animated elements in the wedding invitation video so that it pleases anyone who looks at the video.

If you want everyone to like your video and attend the wedding event, then make sure to add the above mentioned elements in your wedding video invite.

What to Gift Your Wife on The Wedding Day

You get married only once in your life. It is the most special day of your being, the day when your commit yourself to your beloved and take an oath to be with her and take care of her till death do you apart. It is on this day that you take your first step towards a happy future with the one you love. Hence, it is but natural that you want this day to be the most perfect and memorable one for you and your better half. Off late, a new trend has been seen picking vogue in wedding arena, which is giving gifts to your partner on the day of the wedding. Many matrimonial sites are bombarded with questions and options regarding the same. There are times when you might find yourself in a soup while choosing a perfect wedding gift for your beloved wife. If you are one of those grooms you is having a problem in selecting the perfect wedding gift for your wife, you have come to the right place. We have here a list of gifting ideas, which will help you in making a better choice for that perfect gift:

  • A platinum diamond ring: While there is a chance that you might have exchanged rings on your engagement day, this is totally different. Go ahead and gift a solitaire diamond ring to your wife, which is set in platinum. She will cherish it for life. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
  • A bracelet: since yours will be an Indian wedding, there are chances that your wife might end up getting gold bangles and kadas from her parents and yours during the wedding rituals. However, it is not possible for her to wear them all the time and with all her dresses, especially western ones. Hence, gifting her sleek bracelet will be a great idea.
  • A charm bracelet: Finding its roots in the western culture, a charm bracelet can be a great gift for your wife on the wedding day. Make sure to add charms depicting the firsts in your relationship. The charms included can indicate the first time you met, the first meal you had together, your first dance together etc.
  • Flowers, teddy bears and chocolates: Nothing can beat the romance and warmth associated with flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates! All girls love them from the core of their heart. So unveil the true romantic inside you and do remember to send this special package of love to your wife on the morning of your wedding.
  • A family video: A girl might be super excited to start her new life with you, but she is bound to be homesick during the first few days of marriage. To help her cope with it, make a video of her family members and friends, who have special messages and blessings for her on the day of her wedding. This will not only help you strike an emotional chord with her but also help her adjust.

Choose from the given ideas and make your wife’s day the most memorable one! All the best!

Compatibility V/s Matching Stars Which IS More Important For A Happy Married Life

Fields like astrology and kundli are gaining a lot of importance these days. Scientists have proved that the motions taken by a planet affects the life of human beings in a certain way. In today’s era, marriages more likely depend upon kundali match than compatibility between two people. When it comes to marriage, people not believing in kundali Milan and astrologers change their beliefs for some time. Astrology is the study of stars and nakshatra that gives an insight about the future depicting the problems that can arouse in near future.

Some astrologers also suggest solution to nakshatra problems like some puja or anything. There is no difference in love or arrange marriages when it comes to matching kundalis. People of different religions look forward to matching kundali of the respective boy and girl. When life gets stressed or things do not come out right, kundali can give you the solution to many problems. The main thing considered under a kundali is date of birth, time, gender and family background. Every astrologer has a unique way to study the kundali by studying the positions of the planets and the stars.

Kundali over compatibility

If we talk about our grandparents, they are stubborn when it comes to following the old traditions, for them the customs are their life. Our ancestors treasured the traditions like any other treasure and passed them on to their family. But, things and beliefs are changing these days. People are considering the personality of a person rather than kundali Milan. There are so many things to be judged in a person when it comes to marriage. Whether it is a boy or a girl, families must look forward talking to the person, know about their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and interests.

Kundali- a formality

Kundali matching is just a formality to be done for fixing the date of wedding. Astrologers believe that kundali can tell our future but, we all know that future is always uncertain and no one can predict it. We are humans, not God. Every person is affected by situations and circumstances and predictions of a kundali cannot change it. Some people fear that avoiding the predictions of kundali will do bad to them and they can experience bad times but, there are cases, where kundali had no significance on the lives of people.

It is always difficult to bend rules that are been followed from a long time. Similarly, kundali matching is a process been followed from ancient times. Things may change with our changing way to think and believing on logics than on predictions. One should refer to present events and live examples and not on documentary predictions given by astrologers.

Another very important reason why people should avoid kundali matching is that even if the boy and girl are compatible for each other, their morale go down when they are rejected. So, people should take their decisions based on logics.

Woodbridge Wedding Venue Features to Consider While Booking

You should seriously consider the features of the Woodbridge wedding venue so that you have a hassle-free and successful event. Knowing the top features of a wedding venue will help you choose the right venue suitable for your type of occasion and also create a huge impact on the guests. You should not only look for the available space, both inside and outside but any good and reputed venue will provide you with all the allied services to take away all the stress and tension and deliver the complete peace of mind.

Look, or the catering services provided by the venue and talk to the manager of the venue regarding the attendants, the utensils, the furniture, and linen. Also, talk about the menu, the price and the restrictions, if any, on outside food and vendors. Few venues have restrictions on alcohol. So, make sure all the arrangements, placements and amenities that you require will be provided by the venue. The venue should have enough space to accommodate all your guests comfortably.

Consider your guest list and make a rough estimate of the number of attendees. See that the rooms have proper and adequate restrooms for the invitees. Location and parking are two important things that can make or break your event. As the invitees will turn up from all different locations, you must pick out a venue which is easy to find and is located in a prime spot. It must have easy connectivity with the outside world located at a central spot and a known place to others. Venues located in a busy and highly congested area can have an adverse effect on your event.

Availability and easy accessibility to the parking space also matter so that your guests do not have to park their car on the streets and walk half a kilometer to the venue. This will create a very bad impression and experience on your guests. There must be enough professional staff at the Woodbridge wedding venue so that right from parking to serving of food, everything is professionally managed, and you get a great service. Few reputed venues also help you in proper planning of the event as well.

Consider the decoration of the Woodbridge banquet hall and the condition of the walls, furniture, linen, cutlery, tables and chairs so that nothing looks odd or become an eyesore to the guests. It should have proper lighting and ventilation so that guests do not feel uncomfortable inside and stay out of the rooms most of the time. Check for the humidity and moisture inside, damp conditions in the walls, clean walls with fresh painting enough entry and exit points in case there is an emergency.

You must consider for alternative arrangements in case the weather conditions turn out to be unfavorable. A good venue will have a plan B always ready so that prompt and quick actions may be taken. Therefore, right from the ambiance of the venue to the parking and easy accessibility, you should consider several points to book the right venue and make your event a success.